Height 5' 7" Bust 36 Waist 24 Hips 32 Shoes 8.5 Hair Strawberry Blonde Eyes Hazel

Ashley,who won the third National Modeling Contest,was born in May,1989 in Virginia.Her family relocated to Maryland where she was raised and began to blossom. She is the first native Marylander to win the title and is also the second shortest winner–she is 5'7" tall.

Ash graduated college and became a Registered Nurse. Due to her winning the Belle of the Ball modeling contest, Ashley became an online sensation. She had already worked as a model before she won the coveted BOTB Contest, but opportunities seemingly began to appear. She had been featured and appeared in fashion shows for designers, magazines and various products.

A talented athlete, Ashley has been known to play football, basketball and softball. She works out almost everyday and pays very careful attention to her diet. Her determination and drive to be the best are aspects she uses to be one of the best models in the DMV. Ash possesses the rare qualities of being fun to work with, bright, kind, energetic and able to make all looks seem comfortable and easy.

Ashley is looking to expand her portfolio and explore all aspects of modeling. She loves high fashion, editorial, urban art, edgy and creative artistic shoots! Ashley is an artist with a love and passion for being in front of the camera. She always looks forward to meeting new talented people who will inspire her and who in turn she can inspire as well. Ashley is a true professional, down to earth, fun and open to unique ideas and new experiences! Ashley lives by the following quote:
"Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible"-Cadet Maxim

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